How To Get PAC Code From Vodafone

If you are looking for the pac code of your Vodafone UK account, this guide is perfect.

Log in to your Vodafone account and click on the My Account icon. This will redirect you to your Account Dashboard. On the Account Dashboard, click on My Services.

This will take you to the page where you can see your active services , Please scroll down to find the data services that you need and select them by clicking on Select on the action bar. Next, click on the Details tab, and you will see a box for “Account Information” and another for “Current Plan Status.”

Look for the “Pac Code” field in the “Current Plan Status” box. Copy the code in the area and exit your account.

On Vodafone you can request a PAC code by calling 191 from your Vodafone phone or heading to Account Settings > Mobile Switching on your online account or You can also request it via web chat , On BT you can call 0800 800 150 from any phone

2. Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to My Vodafone Business account Type in the PAC code that you copied in the previous step and click on Continue.

A form will appear on your screen with the details of the issue you want to report. Fill in the required information and click Submit when done , This is how to get PAC Code From Vodafone

3. Go to your mobile phone and open your web browser go to support page .

Replace XXYBX with the PAC code you got in step 1 above and 1234 with your mobile number. Click the Submit button, and a confirmation page shows that your request has been received by Vodafone Business support.

4. When you contact your Vodafone account manager by phone or live chat, they will ask for your account number, which is the first six digits of your telephone number. They will also need the last four digits of the PAC code you are referring to so that they can easily identify the problem and fix it for you as soon as possible.

You can use different ways to contact Vodafone Business support if you ever encounter problems with your account or your telecom equipment. To learn more about your options, visit Vodafone Business.

When you get a new mobile phone contract from Vodafone, you will also be given a special Access Point Name (APN) number, which you will need in order to access the Internet on your mobile phone using your mobile data plan.

Your APN number is the same number you would use if you were trying to connect to the Internet using your computer or tablet.

By default, most mobile phones are set up to use the default APN provided by your mobile operator, so you won’t need to make any changes to get your internet connection working on your phone.

However, you may need to adjust your APN settings if your data connection is prolonged or some apps aren’t working correctly. Here are some tips on how to change your smartphone’s APN settings

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